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Daily Vocational Training classes teach skills in literacy, tye-dye, hair styling, tailoring, catering and hotel management.

Our prayer is to have additional classes such as; mechanics, construction and bakery training. Future plan are to have the Vocational Training Center located on the Hope of Glory land site!

Vocational Training Director

Vocational Training Center - located in Wellington, east of Freetown.

Mr. Mohamed Badamaci (Director and a skilled tailor). He is assisted with a skilled support staff for each class.

The purpose and goal is to make available free vocational training for all students including the underprivileged (street people, illiterate and handicapped). Another primary goal is to instill biblical principles leading to salvation.

Vocational Training Vocational Training

Peggy Cummings and Mr. Badamaci with students

Tailoring Hotel Management Child 
God’s Word

The areas of Vocational Training

“Hey Mom!” shouted Mark as he ran in to the kitchen. “Can I go with Joey to get my hair cut? His dad is taking him now and I want to go with them. Can I Mom, please?”

“OK, here is ten dollars,” Mark’s Mom replied, “but come straight home afterwards.

“Will do,” Mark quickly said as he hurried out of the house, “Thanks Mom, I will.”

We so often take for granted how convenient life is in many places in the world. However, we just as easily forget how difficult it is in under-developed nations. Hope of Glory Ministry is providing training in hair cutting and styling, giving students an opportunity to learn a skill and be able earn an income.

Pray for these students that God will give them the ability to learn and apply. Pray that God will grant the opportunity for them to put their new skills to work. Please Pray!

“Bob, did you get the memo?” Dick asked. “We have a staff meeting in twenty minutes in room 1-A. Don’t be late you know how the boss is when people come staggering in late.”

Bob simply shook his head at Dick and quietly responded, “I’ll be there…and on time.”

“Meetings, meetings, meetings,” Bob thought to himself, “all we seem to do is have meetings here at this hotel. Oh well, I’m getting paid for it and we’re doing pretty well”

Bob’s wages are pretty good and he has a good job.

In Sierra Leone the wages may not be near what Bob is making and the jobs are not that plentiful. Hope of Glory Ministry is giving students an opportunity to learn a skill that will provide an income. Vocational Training Center is offering classes in Catering and Hotel Management. Learning this trade will lift some from dire circumstances to making a living for the family.

Pray that God gives these graduates a Special Anointing to locate doors of opportunity while entering the catering or hotel management field.   Please Pray!

Can I get my hair cut….? Did you get the memo….?

“Tom, why don’t you go out and look for a job? At least put your application in so they can consider you.” We need the income Tom.”

Tom answered with a sad reflection in his voice, “I will sweetheart, I’ll go out tomorrow and try to find a job”

“Thanks honey,” Tom’s wife said as she gave a sigh of relief and headed to the living room to relax. “I love you.”

Tom sadly walked outside and sat on the porch steps. “What am I going to do? I don’t have the heart to tell my new wife that I don’t know how to read. What really bothers me is I keep telling her to read the Bible before we go to bed each night. She probably thinks that I’m not that interested in reading it.”

“God,” Tom prayed, “please let me find a way to read and especially so that I can read what you have to say to us in your Word.”

Tom’s circumstances echo so many people throughout the world and especially here at Hope of Glory Ministry and surrounding areas.

The Vocational Training Center here at Hope of Glory Ministry is trying to remedy the illiteracy we encounter at each of the ministry areas throughout Sierra Leone.

Unlike Tom, we want our people to share their need of learning to read and write so that they may be able to take advantage of the great teaching afforded by Hope of Glory Ministry Vocational Training Center.

Pray for those who enter the program that God gives them understanding and the ability to learn quickly that their lives will be enriched. Please Pray!

Do I tell her….?

Mary came rushing down the stairs and with a tone of concern and urgency in her voice, she hurriedly asked her mother, “Mom, did you see my new dress anywhere, you know, the red one that I just bought last week?”

With a sad and guilty look on her face, Mary’s mother replied, “Actually I did, honey. It has a hole in the bottom seam.”

“What!” Mary cried out, “How did it get a hole? Where is it, show it to me! Oh no! I was planning on wearing that tonight, I have a date with Roger.

Mary’s mother truthfully answered, “Well, I wore it last Saturday to go shopping. We are about the same size and I wanted to feel special while your dad and I went shopping. I an sooo sorry honey. I’ll have it repaired right away. I’ve already called George at the tailor shop and he said he could have it fixed by four o’clock this afternoon. I am sorry dear and I know in the first place I should have asked you if I could wear it.

“That’s alright Mom, I just got carried away about a dress. You always look special to me. If George can have it repaired by this afternoon I guess all is well. Love you, even if you did tear my new dress,” Mary said while laughing.

They both laughed.

Tailoring is a needed skill no matter where you live. The techniques may be different, the equipment might not be the same and the payment for the job will vary greatly. However, repairing the clothes will always be needed.

Tailoring is taught at Hope of Glory Vocational Training Center with the teaching from a skilled tailor, Mr. Mohamed Badamaci. Our students learn the craft and are able to put it into practice almost immediately. This is another way that Hope of Glory Ministry is equipping people body, soul and spirit.

Life skills are desperately needed, not only for the practicality but also affording a way for individuals to earn an income.

Pray for the students in these classes. Pray that God will bless them with the skill to be classified as a professional tailor. Pray that they will always be grateful for the opportunity to learn and also earn income.

Please Pray!

Will it be repaired on time….?

Dear Partners,

We earnestly need your prayers and financial support so that we can continue to offer the best training available to the lives that need it so much. As you have looked over the Vocational Training Ministries would you pray and give your very best?

If you desire to send your donation via mail, please feel free to print out the donation page

(PayPal - sburns@csregs.com - Sharon Burns - Treasurer - 720-621-3283)

God Bless you abundantly and may He continue to bless you over and over again.

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