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Freetown, Sierra Leone, West Africa  -  http://www.hopeofgloryministryint.org



We continue to grow and develop, training people to take JESUS to the ends of the earth (at least to the end of the road). Workshops on Ephesians and listening to God, (BAM) – Business As Mission all bring more enlightenment to the people, both trainers and trainees. Setting the captive free and it is a delight to behold.  There are many facets of the Vision that offer the two hands of the Gospel.

1)      A spiritual lifestyle of truth that sets the captive free.

2)      The physical statement that we care, by enabling people to help themselves and others.

VISION STATEMENT:    The VISION of Hope of Glory Ministry International is to train people to take “The Good News” to those who don’t go to church, by way of ‘House Churches”. We train people to facilitate churches in homes, market places,  classrooms, offices, even on the farm. – proclaiming Jesus is Lord in every sector of the nation.

Children’s Ministry is a priority – at the different centers and outreach areas. Our GOAL is to give them information - Biblical understanding, fun songs and fellowship, and training them to LISTEN and hear the voice of God, then follow His leading.

Vocational School is a significant part of the vision – to provide training for the poor and homeless, enabling them to be self-sufficient; ie, tailoring, hairdressing, tie-dying, catering, hotel management and adult education (reading, writing).

Agriculture School is vital to a nation suffering malnutrition, poverty, lack of knowledge. Skilled farming will not only feed families but provide income and healthy food in the market.

Joshua Nations Bible School is giving a good Biblical foundation, thus equipping people to serve their country well.

The mentoring programs supporting this VISION include:

•House Churches       •Facilitator Training - Coordinator       •Mentoring Meetings      •Joshua Nations Bible School      •Kingdom Builders

•Children/Youth Ministries     •Outreaches/Evangelism     •Agriculture Schools    •Vocational Schools    •Various Workshops, Training for specific Skills


Provide a Facilitator Training Center in each of the 14 Districts in Sierra Leone. At each center our long range goal is to train facilitators to proclaim Jesus is Lord in every sector of each district. We do this by way of ‘House Churches’, taking ‘GOOD NEWS’ to people who don’t go to church.


Respond to God’s worldwide call to return His church to a holy, living organism, that He might freely manifest His Glory.

Provide a loving, safe environment for the healthy equipping of the entire body.

Recognize and encourage development of each believer’s call supported by his/her distinctive God given endowment or talent.

Knit together God appointed teams where the love of God is expressed and released through their unique calling and  gifts for the equipping of the saints. Also the replication of themselves in the neighborhood gatherings for the propose of reaching every neighbor with the glorious gospel of Jesus Christ.

The Ministry was handed over to the local leaders in Hope of Glory Ministry, in October, 2014. Twenty Chapters representing each of the facets of the Ministry, now have a designated coordinator, a governing Council of the ten key leaders. They meet, pray and plan together as the Lord guides them in the fulfillment of the VISION until Jesus comes. Hope of Glory Ministry International became known as an indigenous ministry at that time. Peggy Cummings, Founder- Visionare, continues to oversee leaders in their administration of the various Chapters.

Eleven of the fourteen districts, now have Training Centers, only three more to go. When all Districts have a Training Center with trained leaders and each center with a Governing Council, and Chapter Coordinators working together as team players. They will continue on their own, with Jesus of course, until He returns to collect His own. I (Peggy Cummings) am pleased to see them stepping into designated leadership roles, working together, to role-model Jesus to the people, as Jesus Builds His Church. My part of the VISION will soon be completed and possibly will reverse activities whereby I will visit Sierra Leone for 3 months each year, to refresh the precious relationships that are developing there.

The nation was developing rapidly in its recovery of a 10 year civil war, when the pestilence, Ebola Crisis, hit the nation like a sledge hammer. The nation was under a shroud of hopelessness.

The Lord gave us an assignment in November 2014, to pray, prepare, send and go. Mobilizing the churches of Sierra Leone to prepare congregations of all churches, and send them out 2x2 – door-to-door – to every swelling in the entire nation (that’s over 6 million people – yikes).

Many churches responded positively and churches doubled/tripled in size, more benches were built with the growth in the churches. House Churches formed with new converts from the outreaches, pastors/churches working together.

We are still on it each February and March and is designated as ‘MISSION HOPE’ season. We revisit the churches, acknowledging/encouraging their faithfulness, reminding others, working together – bringing HOPE to the Hopeless, as a ravaged nation recovers from the trauma of such a crisis.


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