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We often ask for people to pray for Hope of Glory Ministry and we appreciate all those that do.

Sometimes it helps to elaborate on what and for whom we are seeking prayer for. Thank you for praying. God answers prayer!

Here on our “We Ask That You Pray” page, are listed some specific prayer points.

Please use our Contact page and let us know that you have joined our Prayer Partners.

God richly bless you as you pray!

Josephus Lavaly large.jpg

•Pray that God would intervene in the Ebola Crisis that we are experiencing in Sierra Leone.  

•As people are witnessing the transformation in the Graduates, that through their lives they would be a testimony to others.

•Pray the Lord will continue to bring more students to be trained and display discipleship, so they can go and make disciples of ‘all nations.’  Psalm 2:8 – Ask of me and I will give you the people for your inheritance.

•For the Facilitators at each Center to be thinking about and being proactive with creative ideas how to raise funds for sustainability for the Hope of Glory schools.

•Continue to pray for the students who have a burning desire to continue the Hope of Glory vision.

•Pray for all our graduates that they will continually commit their life to Christ and boldly proclaim Him as the Lord of their life.

Special Prayer Time Sunday Morning 9 A.M.

─ Josephus Lavaly started a good ministry with the youth teaching music and sharing  the word. The Holy Spirit is leading him and he is hungry to do the work.  

Pray protection over his life. Too many times the devil attacks dedicated people bringing discouragement tempting them to give up their desire or vision.

Josephus Lavaly

Special Prayer Time Sunday Morning 9 A.M.

Director of Hope of Glory Ministry International   She has committed her life to winning souls for Jesus Christ and the Kingdom of God in Sierra Leone and all of West Africa.

Through all the struggles and labor Peggy’s intimate relationship to Jesus has continually strengthened her in all her efforts. She is determined to follow the guidance of the Holy Spirit as she ministers to the people. Please, we ask that you never omit Peggy in your prayers.

God Bless You!

─ John Lavalie (Coordinator of the Taiama Training Center) to instruct the students to visit and build a relationship with the local churches, the Body of Christ.

Helping them to understand and to continue the vision of Hope of Glory. That they not only visit the churches but also visit the Pastor’s home for a continued trusting relationships… Don’t build a church but take church to people that don’t go to church.

John Lavalie large.jpg

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─ Pray for Moses Roberts, a student from Liberia.  His plan is to go back to Liberia and carry the message to his country.

He now lives in the Liberian refugee camp in Taiama.  Pray that he never loses his vision, or the momentum, and decides to stay in Taiama.  Pray the vision of the Hope of Glory ministry would be carried across the border to Liberia.

Hope of Glory is grateful for all our prayer partners who continually pray for us.

Pick a person, subject or topic and commit to praying for a day. The next day do the same until you have prayed for each one.

Let us know that you are praying for Hope of Glory and if you haven’t consider being one of our faithful prayer partners.

Your prayers matter!

“Where two or three are gathered together there am I in the midst…”  We cherish and count on our prayer partners from all over the world. We join you always in petitioning God’s blessing and help.

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