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Agricultural Training Farming God’s Way!

Learning to Farm God’s way, for the purpose of healthy living, community sustainability including the economic growth for the Hope of Glory Ministry.

Dr. Conrad and Anna VanDijk from Canada visited our Mission House. They have extensive experience working with the people of Sierra Leone. They are working on a project with two organizations in the country called Sierra Canadian and Development Organization (SCHDO) and Transformation Sierra Leone.

The success of the program is teaching the principles of Farming God’s way. Foundations for farming with three main principles: a) Farming well  b) No waste  c) On time.

These principles combined with empowering the farmers with a Christian lifestyle and spiritual capital principles, we can increase the impact of the Gospel through farming.  Our best model is God. He chose to become a farmer. He planted a garden and fellow-shipped with His children.

They also taught on the Five Paradigms, they are like reading glasses bringing things into focus and how we see things. We are to stop looking through our own lenses and begin seeing through Jesus’ lenses. Challenge is for us to change our glasses, we are called to disciple entire nations.

Some of the Hope Of Glory students have been trained by Mercy Ships in their Food for Life Organic Farming program. There is a need for nutritional, higher yield farming and business/marketing skills in Sierra Leone.

In January 2012, land was leased to the ministry from the Government where we have conducted agriculture training on the property, graduating 40 students.

Land has been donated to the ministry by various communities throughout Sierra Leone.  The future plans are to develop these properties for training and to provide an income as a means of sustainability to the Hope Of Glory ministry.

Local and Upcountry Properties

Orugu - (4 acres leased land)

To be developed for HOGMI Mission Headquarters Training Center and demonstration gardens for the agriculture school.

       Methods of farming will consist of farming God’s way by teaching biblical farming principles.

a) Farming without chemicals  

b) Eliminating brush and crop burning  

c) Composting

Kargboray  (10+ acres)

The vision is to have an Agriculture school like Songhai in Porto Nova, Benin.  Having a complete recycling program and teaching business management skills.

Taiama  (10+ acres)

a) Pineapple farm

Ropet  (mile 91- 10+ acres)

Rotile  (10+ acres)

a) Maringa farm (medicinal and nutritional properties)

Makeni/Kabala   (50+ acres)

a) Palm nut tree plantation

Agriculture training will enhance and motivate the people to grow their own food, earn income and to live a healthier life.  

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